Siren Head Rebirth

Thank you for playing: Albert, GamingWithKev, & Scrimzox.

For the past few nights.. a disturbance wakes the town. Alarms, and sirens... The voices of relatives. Could it be a real emergency? Or could it be something much more sinister...?

(This game is a remaster of my old game Siren Head: Night of the Cryptids).

(NOTE) Gamepasses you bought in the original game will be automatically saved here. (Some don't exist in the game yet)

Update Log:
-Revamped bridgeworm
-Changed P90 damage 42>60
-Added map misc (random radios, crates etc.)

-Siren Head
-Countryroad Creature
-Cartoon Cat
-Long Horse
-Milkwalker Ambassador

Auxurious, DrBibonic, and BlueCoolGuy98 (Map)
JoshJake121 (Icon)
thegreatwhiteround (Trailer)
SlimySwampGhost (Creator of creatures seen ingame)

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