[Currently in Public Beta]

Game Version: 21m8d7-beta

Realm of Ruin is an upcoming Open-World Fantasy PvP-RPG set in a magical land ready to explode with arcane medieval warfare. 

Players will join one of two cultural factions as they begin to explore their abilities to form family factions, trade in an economy, wage war to take territory. Each faction has a different cultural theme currently including European and Nordic.

Realm of Ruins is featuring a special style of magic in fantasy gameplay where players can fully customize their spells with a highly intricate spell forging system where players will be able to create their own spells with components they unlock by leveling up. This in combination with a diverse array of medieval melee weapons creates a engaging combative gameplay environment. 

Special Thanks:
princeOrobucks, Scriptos, AdmiralVII, MonkSaru, TovliHTX, LordTokugawaIeyasu, Amy_Solence, zenfulness

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