31st July 2020 - RESCUE MODE UPDATE 
Next Update: FLOOR 3

🧊 Added Rescue Game Mode 
🎁 New Feast and Electric Case!
🎀 2 New Bundles!
βš”οΈ 20 New Weapon Skins!
⚠️ Items Dropped Nearby on Death
βš™οΈ Misc Bug Fixes & Quality Improvements
🤖 Bot Improvements
and more!

Welcome to JERRY! "JERRY" is a survival horror experience, inspired by Piggy, Granny, Ice Scream, Kitty, Spider, Bakon & more, featuring YOU! Do you have what it takes investigate JERRY'S Ice Cream Factory & piece together the truth?! The JERRY game features FLOORS instead of Chapters!

Can you uncover all of JERRY'S SECRETS? 
Created by Team Not Icecream! 

JERRY is currently in Alpha, bugs may occur, please report them!
Developer Credits:

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