- Sun Spirit Fox
- Moon Spirit Fox
- Phoenix Fox

Welcome to Foxkin Valley, a magical land on a separate plane of reality from normal Earth. Foxes here are gifted with special powers and intelligence, and roam the lands free of any humans.

THIS IS NOT A FURRY GAME. This is intended for people of all ages, of all fandoms, of all types. Hateful/offensive conduct will get you banned.


iGenesis_X (Lead Developer/Owner)
Reynardfoox (Model Maker/Map Designer)
kealynwolf (Map Designer)
Warfurret (Scripter/UI/GUI/UX Creator)
Witherdie (Model Maker)
1WoIfz (Animator/Model Maker)
Naysune (Model Maker/Map Designer)
Tyty_Dev (Model Maker)

Future updates: Quests, event morphs/map updates, better flight and swimming

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