Public testing has been closed for maintenance. The game will be back up soon.

We'd like to thank everyone who played Hedgerows II. Send your feedback, opinions, concerns, etc. in our social links below. We hope to see you playing when we release the game in Alpha stage. Thank you all and see you soon.
-Enlightened Studios Development Team

Join the disc below for news and updates regarding the game.
A WW2 FPS Project brought to you by Enlightened Studios.

Asbuff - Coding, Animations, and playermodels
Ferrarif340 - Gun models and map props
Mooncat10 - Sound design
Appaache - Map, and playermodels
Olof2003 - Map
CaptianHawkins13 - Map
Xenonnic - Map props
LaurenceGEnfield - Map props
avery8253 - Map props
Qulmar12 - Tanks
Sigminrules - Tanks
Octonions - Coding assistance

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