Hedgerows II is a semi-historically accurate World War II first person shooter featuring a balance between arcade and realistic gameplay. Determine your playstyle and ascend through the ranks as you partake in one of the most important conflicts in history.

- Looking for something realistically pleasing yet exhilarating? 
    Hedgerows 2 offers the perfect balance between fast paced and tactical gameplay.
- A Focus on Historical Accuracy
    Explore the many choices of weaponry and fight through various beautiful environments, all inspired by real battles.
- Pushing the Roblox Engine to its Limit
    Enjoy a never-before seen game with its graphics pushed to the limit while still being optimized for lower-end devices.

Asbuff - Code & Animations
Ferrarif340 - Weapon & Vehicle models
Mooncat10 - Sound & Game design
Appaache - Map Design, Map & Props
Olof2003 - Map & Props

Octonions - Programming assistance
PugAddictVivi - Announcer Voicelines

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