The Finalizer was one of the largest Star Destroyers within
The First Order. It served as Kylo Ren's personal ship, and
also had a large amount of Officers on board.

(Before reading the rules,know only airborne groups may raid this place.If a non- airborne group raids, the raid will be deemed unofficial.)

[1] No cussing,hacking or exploiting. Doing so will make the raid unofficial.
[2] For either team to win, one must score 70-100 KO's, 
Depending on the chosen limit.
[3] Only an O7+ can make a raid offical.
[4]  Spawn camping will result in a ban from the server. Entering
The Finalizer is allowed of the resistance.

(Know this map will still be frequently updated)

Credits: butterboss963 for the map, DJshaft for the thumbnail and icon

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