Welcome to Doc's Difficulty Chart Obby!

/!\ Attention! If you are lagging in-game, then please enable 'smart loading' within the game's settings in the bottom left corner of the screen! /!\

Doc's Difficulty Chart Obby is a difficulty chart obby. This means that the entire map revolves around a set of difficulties that range from easy to very difficult. One is not meant to complete a difficulty chart obby, as they are meant to reach an impassable stage that they do not have the skillset to complete. See how high you can reach!

This game has mobile support. If you're on a computer, you can press [R] to reset, and the < and > keys turn your camera 45 degrees.

There are 7 areas within the game. Their difficulties are as follows: Easy, Medium, Hard, Difficult, Intense, Extreme, and Arduous.

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[CREDITS]: You can find the credits in-game by clicking the question-mark icon!

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