-2 new crates! Tasty Treats & Advanced Rocket Crate 2
-4 new exclusive injectors
-cure drops at closest player spawn when doctor dies to fix drop issues
-game reward changes

Help the Doctor cure PATIENT ZERO before they infect everyone!

☠️ PATIENT ZERO: infect everyone, but be sneaky! The DOCTOR can cure you and it's game over. Infect objects to spread the virus from a distance.
👨‍⚕ DOCTOR: your goal is to find and cure PATIENT ZERO with your cure launcher. You can un-infect objects and cure infected innocents.
🤒 INNOCENT: help the DOCTOR identify PATIENT ZERO! Don't touch objects that have a GREEN or RED highlight around them, they are infected!

Builder, strategist, & textures @Maxxelll
Code & UI: @Iowntreese
Thumbnails & game icon: @simplycanadia_n

💸 If you have premium you automatically get 10% off all boosts and exclusives.  If you have VIP as well you get a total of 20% off!

Inspired by Murder Mystery.

shameless piggy plug, sue me

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