Outbreak is a strategy-based game about taking over the world with your plague.  With tons of in-game events and different situations, you must evolve to withstand whatever comes across your disease.

🛒 Premium members get a 10% discount on all items in the daily shop!

🤒 Infect people with your plague.
🧬 Evolve it to spread more and kill.
🧪 Move fast and avoid getting cured.
🦠 Unlock more plagues and genes.
☣️ Purchase characters with special abilities.

🔨 Latest Update (v1.01)
-Minor bug fixes.  (More coming soon!)

👥 Join the group for an exclusive gene!
👍 Make sure to leave a thumbs up if you have fun!
⭐ Favorites are appreciated!

This game is heavily inspired by Plague Inc developed by Ndemic Creations.  This game is not related to the current pandemic and never will be.  Please stay safe and wash your hands!


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