Disclaimer:  Game is in very early stages. There may be bugs. Updates everyday. By playing, you agree to this disclaim. STATS WILL NOT BE RESET.

Avatar: A Bender's Will
A game based off Avatar: The Last Airbender game featuring unique aspects towards progression and play-styles. 
You begin your journey with an element to bend and only the world to guide you. You must discover how to master your art and clear your mind.

Explore the world of Avatar in ways you have never imagined on Roblox!
*F - Block
*M - Train
*Right Click - Heavy Attack
*Left Click - Light Attack
*Q + WASD - Dash
*Check youtube for tutorial videos about the game

Developers: AwokenTy(Scripter,Partial Animator), EternalProwessKun(Map Maker,Animator,Graphic Designer), Legend_OfAimbot(Mesher), HeavenlyAercsX(Buildings)

Contributors: (Clothing) -Blotnik,ATFN,Takamura(Danatar scammed him)

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