Who wants updates >>>New D Rank Lightning Jutsu - XFV >>Specs made far more rare (feel special) -This doesn't affect the spec re-roll, you still have a 1/3 on the re-roll. >>Kamui Added >>Hot Water Village? thanks yayas girl >> Now able to sell items (in ### ##### for now) just equip and touch the pad ^-New-^ >> Texture added to some Jutsu/New effects >> New Chunin Exam Arena, Uchiha Residence Finished. >>Chakra Swords added! >> Water Dragon Added [vbfvbfc] >> Flying Stones Added [fccb] >> Phoenix Flower Keys Changed + Buffed [xvffbf] Beginner Guide - the game's subject to change through development into a more finished and stable game. expect to lose specs and stats during the stages of the game development. rules no logging

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