Class-based gun base with an innovative raid system and unique powerups that give a tactical advantage.
8v12 up to 14v21 (2:3 ratio) [NORMAL & HARD MODE].
8v16 up to 14v28 (1:2 ratio) [EASY MODE].
Numbers are static.
VIP documentation;
No glitching.
No exploiting.
No FJ'ing.
No alts.
Admins reserve the right to remove flaming/disruptive members based on behavior, as well as suspicion of cheating and rule breaking.
Modes: easy - normal - hard
Preflooding ALLOWED 
No prior notice required, yet RECOMMENDED.
Raidtimes are as follows;
SUN-THUR: start 12pm BST / 7am EDT and end 1am BST / 8pm EDT
FRI & SAT: times end instead at 3am BST / 10pm EDT
All raids that go past the raid times go into overtime automatically.

Credits: PeekayCypher, Partixel, Hyunnjii, CodeNil, Pyroux, igoing2win, treetoad, ArmyAllie and Theta0

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