Take control of your favorite tanks in Steel Titans, improve your skills and unlock better tanks!

📱 Mobile players it is suggested you use a newer phone as this game is very graphically demanding. You can swap Tank control schemes via the settings menu.

Steel titans has over 100 playable tanks across 3 free to play nations.

Premium players earn an extra 35% RP and credits!

Ctrl: Open build menu Q and E to rotate.
C: Freecam
123: Primary ammo types
456: Secondary ammo types
Left mouse: Fire primary
Space: Fire secondary  
Q: Binoculars
E: Spot
Tab: Player screen
V: Toggle crew camera
T: Lower suspension on E-10
Z: repair-(press again to cancel repairing)
X: X-ray to see damaged and alive modules
K: Repair Team Mates


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