[ To hear music and see the meshes go to - ] [This is the future as I see it when I look at the world. Show some kindness, some compassion because we are all on the outside and just want some peace] (Comments are open for the time being) Many have walked to it. The sheer size is awe inspiring. The Wall seemingly never ends, as far as the eye can see it goes... and goes... Apon the other side is The City, a peacefull safe place that sheilded itself from the world outside over 100 years ago. No one has every entered or left The City since the creation of The Wall. The outside world has torn itself to peices in those 100 years, no city was spared, no country left standing. The survivors wait at The Gate, hoping that one day The City will give them sanctuary from themselves... [If you are truely perplexed, I will have some people staffed by me to help, such as my friend Ruben]

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