This game reenacts the ending scene from the disaster movie 'Knowing', staring Nicholas Cage. It also reenacts a scene from 'Deep Impact' because I added a giant meteor, and I added some Deep impact meteor sound effects. There's no meteor in the movie 'Knowing', but I just added it here to make it look cooler, since its hard to show a solar flare destroying stuff on Roblox. Just a cool apocalypse disaster movie type game. Single player only. Enjoy!! 
*DIRECTIONS: In this game you must drive to the across a crazy city as you survive rioters, and looters. You have to make it to the Chapel and the end of the road. Once you reach the Chapel, click the doors, and go in. Once there, you can either go to the bomb shelter alone, or stay above ground to perish with your family, together as one... Its up to you ! Survive the rioters, the meteors, and the huge wall of ash to beat the game!! You win when you reach the gates of Heaven!

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