Christmas update out now! Patch notes:

This game features no formal tutorial, but you can type "/rb" or "/rulebook" to access the Rulebook!

YuGiOh UI Tutorial by Julez_X:

Welcome to Dimension Duels X, the next generation Yu-Gi-Oh! Roblox Dueling Platform! Everyone starts with a wide catalog of cards that they can make any deck they've ever dreamed of with. You can also fully customize the colours of your Duel Disks, collect sleeves, become acquaintances with some Spirits, collect new arts for cards, and most importantly, duel!
Lead Developer - Snowskateer
Map Design -  Orwinlandis7
Logo & GFX - ZeyongOk
Card Team - MegaSmiley, ExaltedMalignance, KingKevro, Magicballo
Game Balance - GrandmasterHelios, Magicballo
Card Renders - Zanzapult, LordShattered_x
Animations - WizardMaster29

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