fixed some known bugs that have existed and some UI bugs as well, and added some minor quality of life changes

Zipline credit goes to EgoMoose!
Global leaderboard credit to ThatTimothy!

Zipline, self-explanatory, you just experiment with basic zipline, that's literally it lol

hey guys, it's been a while, thank you for 100 likes, I appreciate it, I am going to rewrite this game in the near future to make it has more stuff, better UI stuff, and possibly some perks progression too! However it will take really long before I can rewrite this game due to other games I'm focusing on as a main priority, this was just a fun game I made to showcase someone else's work while putting my own stuff in to make it unique and fun, thank you for reading

I know my work in here wasn't that much, but it's a honest work and I do really enjoy putting effort in it, might do more in the future, but not a main priority now


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