Monster House: Reborn [Very Early Development]

The permission levels on this place prevent you from entering.


[This game is not yet available to the public due to it's very early development. When there is enough to show, the game will become open.] Every neighborhood has that one old man who doesn't want people on his lawn. That was old man Nebbercracker. All the kids in the neighborhood heard the rumors that Nebbercracker was a monster who would kidnap anyone who stepped foot on his yard. But those rumors weren't true. Nebbercracker wasn't a monster. His house was. Nebbercracker was always just trying to protect you from becoming his house's next victim, but he's not home. Explore the many rooms of the infamous Monster House, explore areas that the movie didn't show you, and discover hidden secrets. But beware! Although the house is asleep, it is still very dangerous. One wrong move could seal your fate.

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