Discontinued - Will be moved to the Archive when HDG Hub V4 releases

The Minigames hub for KiwiOneOfficial. Now Mobile/Console friendly!

This game was built specifically for KiwiOneOfficial (One of our admins). It serves as a replacement for his "Jailbreak Minigames" streams

Minigame List: 
- Tag
- Hide and Seek
- Simon Says

WIP Minigames:
- Battle Royale
- Manhunt
+ More! (Suggest some in the disq server below)

- Music: Kevin MacLeod
- Building: xXHaloEpicXx
- Scripting: xXHaloEpicXx
- Trees: Defaultio (Plugin)
- Meshes: rareheaddress (Spawn Meshes) + xXHaloEpicXx (Hedges / Rocks)


There are currently no running experiences.