A map overhaul is coming
This game will eventually cost between 50 and 100 robux

The world of Alitia (pronounced A-li-sha) is entering it's darker ages where its inhabitants are turning rogue to live a life of injustice.

Your past lives Echo from deep within your soul, You have no recognition of these past lives yet you feel as if there’s something there watching you.. or perhaps someone. Every action every event you experience feels like Deja vu, yet you dont let this distract you from your adventure.

A Rogue-like game inspired by the popular game Rogue Lineage. Much like that game, this one will not hold your hand

You know the deal.
B - Grip
N - Injure
E - Interact
Left Click - Attack
Right Click - Heavy Attack

Arcwise (Design, Programming, Building)
SplashyEXE (Design, Animations, Building)
Blotnik (Clothing)

Report any bugs to @EchoZenkai (Twitter) / Arcwise (Roblox)

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