NOTHING WORKS! Updates \/ -- Gui Redesigned -- Increased Mobile Support[Beta] ___________________________ Thumbnail by ############# ___________________________ Developed by Ocean Studio All funds go to group activities. By no means, do we adhere to use it for personal use. Game data doesnt save. Merely test the Gui's and tell us what you think. ___________________________ This took months of absolute hard work. We built this from the ground up and would love if you gave us constructive feedback so we can make this better. We understand this may not be up to your standards, however, most if not all is experimental. ___________________________ Updates are located in the Lobby gui. This is in Pre-Alpha. Things(if not everything is unstable) Expect changes, bugs, glitches and whatnot. [Scripted by Sanjay2003(Frontend) and RandomGuyTho(Backend)] [Built by a bunch of college kids]

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