Update log (not exhaustive)
-Supply station
-Added Arachnotron (n64q)
-Pain elemental
-Better lighting effects
-Moved some effects to client
-Added kicking
-Added automap

FOR TESTING!. These features will be rolled out to the main place. Enjoy.

-Change Loadout: Menu -> Change Loadout
-Menu: TAB, P [Mobile: Menu button]
-Fire: Click [Mobile: Fire button]
-Switch weapons: 0 through 9, mousewheel [Mobile: Tap ARMS]
-Doors/buttons: Space, E [Mobile: Tap]
-Sprint: Left Shift
-Glory Kill: F
-Flashlight: X
-Toggle HUD: + and -
-Toggle Thirdperson/Firstperson: V
-Open cheat prompt: ~ [TYPE HELP]
-Kick: Q

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