| Information |
Half-Blox 2 is an upcoming Half Life 2 fan recreation. It currently contains two story maps and two deathmatch maps.

The game is still in development, we are working on updates. But be aware, we are only 2 people and we have other things to do in life.

| Credits |
[danmanmrdj123] - Scripting and basically everything that's gameplay related.
[PolygonHead] - Map, porting textures, porting models and lighting.
[Minigamerchamp] - Did some part time work on the game, but isn't working on it right now.

[Valve] - Maps, Textures and Models
[CloneTrooper1019] - VMF Importer plugin
[Juniez] - Weapon World Models
[CMB | The Universal Union] - Metropolice uniform

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