Welcome to Random Events, a game where the most randomest things happen! With over 20 random events and more with each update, you'll have a blast playing with friends!

You: But sir, I have no friends!
Me: Not to worry! You can even buy drinks in the store to increase your cash when you collect a coin! Or purchase food to get more health when you eat it. And you can even buy cosmetics such as necklaces and more!

Update Log (3/11/2020) :
Version: 0.09.2
- bug fixes
- new boombox for free as an event (but its rusty and low volume)
- boombox pass is now Colors & Music DLC which is also now 275 R$ and also comes with a paint bucket and golden boombox (higher quality than before)
- err... a easter egg?

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Random Events: A Game
Created By: RobloxGameingStudios
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