Sharkbyte Scientists have discovered a button that can help make test in the lab but don't know what it can come up with. You and 7 others have jumped into a simulation to test a button, you get paid with credits at least.

[UPDATE] - V.1.0.5
- Changed some prices around for some items
- Currency Display Gui
- Credits Rarity Spawning (Gives more)
- Creepy Disaster
- 4 New Maps in Tsunami
- Credits spawn more than 1 depending on the amount of players
- Gear Fixes
- Fixed Grapple Hook (Sorry Flamingo, gave you 100k credits)
Should of been more clear, your alt was given 100k credits, but added some on your main x-x
- Fixed so Find the button has a timer
- Fixed Shop Locking every item with new players

⭐ Current Test Count: 38

(Fun fact, this was the original idea for lab experiment without the button part back in 2017 but we scrapped it to be a plate game)

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Inspired by Don't Press The Button & The Normal Button

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