What's New?
- Snowman Siege Live Event!
- Advent Calendar (Complete a daily quest to claim your daily reward!)
- Bustling Bakery (Map)
- Bakery Reward Skins
- Bakery Enemies and Bosses
- Frantic Forest Remake
- Christmas Sticker Pack
- New Christmas Crate Skins
- Christmas Lobby
- Mana share shows sender
- Upgrade menu shows hero limit
- Random Modifiers Button
- New Modifiers (Escort, No Upgrading)
- Wafer Buff
- Turkey follower now changes size based on how many turkeys you defeated

Missed the live event? You can activate it in VIP servers for a limited time!

Scripter: Smellysuperfart (@SmellyRBX)
Builder and 3D Modeler: HiIoh (@Hiloh23)
Music and Builder for some maps: Radical_Box (@RblxRadical)

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