I think it's safe to say it's out of beta.

List of possible and/or in proggress features:
1. Fuel (refueling needs to be done)
2. Store (started, doesnt have everything yet.)
3. Life Jackets
4. New Plane (Gremlin by xlegox, to be added soon)
5. Anti-TK script(basically done, just not implemented)
6. Anti-aircraft missles.(If successfull, you must buy them.)Done
7. Maybe a save system after the whole place is complete. 
8. Leader board(done)
9. Impossible to shoot yourself(done)
10. Team Upgrades
10.a New plane
10.b what do you want?
11. Health and Player.Name on the radar.
12. Targeted homing missiles with the plane tool.
13. Reverse Missiles(done)
14. Homing missiles from the carriers(with warnings)
15. Cluster rockets(maybe cluster bombs?)
17. Change health to armor/sheild
18. Plane Bots(Basically done)
19. Cloaking tool.

--Radar by Chess123mate

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