Version 2.0.1
VIP Servers: Allows you to host your own gameshows and either compete with your friends or become the host of the show and allow your friends to face each other while you have control of the gameshow! ONLY THE VIP OWNER CAN BECOME HOST OF THE GAMESHOW AND ACCESS THE CONTROL PANEL!

LordLongNose [Builder], DenseDad [Builder/Programmer], Real_KingBo b [Lead Programmer]

Sougood, maybeRainbow, Naths_s, Emeraldgamer12345

@LordLongNose, @dad_dense, @Real_KingBo b

Real_KingBo b (without the spaces)

Game icon by: Muushee
Thumbnail logo by: smoothili

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This game does not support Private Servers.


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