exploiting = ban
pls dont even try exploiting
A game created by NikkiDZN, based on Black Clover.
Forms musics by Minako Se ki.
The game is not done, so I may shutdown the game sometimes so I can test and fix some things.
halloween event ended, game is being revamped but its still playable 
Current Magics:

Light, Anti-Magic, Ice, Undead Corpses, Mirror, Wind, Dark Light, Sun, Water, Time, Dark, Lightning

(You can get a grimoire in the Grimoire Tower)
Current Classes:

Dwarf, Elf, Noble (1.5x Yuls), Peasant (1.5x Xp)

(Listed from better to worse, class gives you more mana)
Badges, maps, missions and more grimoires coming soon.

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