Imagine a place with all the glitches in ROBLOX. Well look no further, Glitch Heaven is the place to be...

🔧How to do all the glitches 🔧
🔴 🔴

Foolzy — Builder, GFX, Trailer, Designer, UI
Zeumus — Scripter, UI
Aekiyra — Glitch Builder
60mmm — Glitch Builder

Zenkoina — Glitch Inventor
Regionality — Glitch Inventor
60mmm — Glitch Inventor
Haos_Terry — Glitch Inventor
Blizzya — Glitch Inventor

Glitch Count — 90

⚡Special thanks to Regionality for inventing most of these glitches. We couldn't have done it without you!⚡

⚡Thanks Aekiyra for helping me make some hard glitches!⚡

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