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 READ THE RULES; You may end up kicked or banned if you break them.

Three simple rules in this game!
and DO NOT JUDGE PEOPLES' CHARACTER CHOICE. (yes, this includes things like furries and recolor FCs.)

SSRP is paper crossover RP game including 40+ locations from various video games, some anime and lots more. YUSHICUS IS NOT THE MAIN CREATOR; All of the devs own this game equally!

TAGS: RP, Roleplay, Animal Crossing,  Deltarune, Undertale, A Hat In Time, Spyro, Miitopia, Hollow Knight, Earthbound, Sonic the Hedgehog, OC, Original Character, Control, Dragon Ball Z, Celeste, Don't Starve, Super Smash Bros, OneShot, Video Game, Anime

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