We have added a new feature called DYNAMIC BLOCKS! Now the direction of the ball AND the direction that the blocker is facing will affect the trajectory of the ball! Lean back for soft blocks and lean forward for KILL BLOCKS!
The game is very much influenced off of Haikyuu!!
G to spawn a ball
V to do a basic serve
Spam T to sprint
Q/E to adjust power
F/R to set forward/backward
Click while on the ground to receive
3 to dive
1 to toggle between spiking and blocking when you jump
Click while jumping on spiking mode to spike
B to toggle between normal and stop sets
Menu to change settings, join auto pickups, switch maps, etc...

Big thanks to tommy2002 for figuring out how ball spin works.
Maps built by Sz0nexy, 2kNalu, SoichiroBenimaru, and Archmxge
Scripting done by WuShuheng,HiroyukiSawano_nZk, SoichiroBenimaru, and AbsurdAsian
Additional Help- BiggerThanBen,Julez_X,Aced_T

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