🌊 Welcome to Submarine! This is a story game where you take an exciting trip inside of a submarine and voyage through the seas! Nothing could go wrong under water...right?

🛒Having a hard time surviving? Check out the shop for gamepasses that'll give you an edge on any trouble you face! ( GAMEPASSES ARE ONLY USABLE IN THE SUBMARINE!)🛒

✨There are currently FOUR different endings! Will you be able to see them all? More endings coming! ✨

🔊Make sure to turn up your volume for the best experience! 🔊

👍 Be sure to like and favorite if you had fun! ⭐

💀Become the monster! Monster gamepass unlocks the monster ending! 💀

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Scripter: Scrizun⚡
Builder: voikan 🌲
Animator: tookiewilliams03 🎮 


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