*Please note that this is a roleplay version of ARF-16. This is a roleplay and rescripted version of the original ARF-16. All other versions are stolen or unauthorized distributions of ARF-16.

The Site Director(s) of ACA-16 include doser225. The original creator(s) of this site is doser225 and LocustSwarm
Those who have contributed to this site include Client_Replicated.

Special Containment Procedures Foundation
Armed Containment Area - 16 - RP
[REDACTED], United States of America

This facility is meant for roleplay purposes, meaning that you are able to join all teams (to an extent) and you will be given a starter keycard by default. To access additional content, view the store for keycards and weapons, as well as access to the Intelligence Agency Team and the Internal Security Department Team.

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This game does not support VIP Servers.

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