Still very early game, Fun little game that you can challenge players or gain a high score. This game is still in Beta, Enjoy the game.

New Updates:
- Badges Added
- Level 11 Added
- Mega Turbo Speed PowerUp Added
- TurboSpeed PowerUp Added
- Nuke PowerUp Added
- Tiny PowerUp Added
- Big PowerUp Added
- Score Plus PowerUp Added
- Prefabs Fixed
- More UI Issues Fixed
- Collide Issues Fixed
- PowerUp's Are more Random
- New ways to gain Cubies
- Fixes
- Controls Tuned out
- Level 1,2 Music Changed

Things I'm working on:
- More Levels
- Harder Levels
- Custom Character stuff
- Shop stuff
- Other

- Xaelted (Helped with the Code + Created The Randomize Gen)
- Kuzx (Created the Game)
- JordyT (Level 1, 2 Music + PacCube Remix)

This game was inspired by Cube Field and some other Runner Games. 

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