Explore The Scranton Business Park as seen on the hit TV show The Office. 

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Thank you for 1 million visits! I never thought this would happen and can't explain how thankful I am! I'm working hard on the next update to get it out within the next week! If you have any suggestions feel free to message me!

Next Update Completion Status: 98%

Last Update:
• New intro!
• Exterior revamp
• Sound system
• Working elevator(still fixing bugs)
• Sound system
• Ryan Howard morph
• Bug fixes

Whats to come:
• Interior revamp
• Playable game!
• Pranks, player titles and much more!
• Darryl Morph
• New Branch
• Improved Performance

Want to give a special thanks to EgoMoose for his teleportation portal!

⚠️Warning: High part count (Lowering graphics quality is recommended for optimal performance)

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