Bullies, exploiters etc. will be permanently banned with no chance of being unbanned. It's sad that I have to tell people not to bully but that's how it is. Be respectful. Please.

All purchases are final and there will be no refunds. Also, if you want VIP, you can buy it as a Game Pass in the store, but I will not be giving it out for free.

Thank you for enjoying my game! <3

Peace, At Last.

Credits for Free Models:
iiRenzx, SnowFrame, Dylan_50, EndorsedModel, cheezyrox, Wyatt 2525, Carollicious, iiJasonXD_YT

TAGS: sunset, tree, lilac, sad, alone, mood, moods, emotions, emotion, feelings, happy, trees, grass, bridge, water, flowers, depression, lonely, friends, hangout, beautiful, beauty, pretty, nature, plants, picnic, bench, solitude

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