Check out the Quirk and Ability Customization:

Hello there, welcome to the test server of an upcoming My Hero Academia game. Our concept for this game is a quirk creator. If this is your first time seeing or hearing about this game, the concept is to create your own quirk. My hero academia has three types of quirks. The types are Emitter, Transform, and Mutant. You can create and customize your quirk and even with our advanced Ability creation. We went into detail with allowing the user to create and customize an ability from scratch.

If you would like more open tests 👍 on the game. 
40k Likes = 2/22/2020
50k Likes = 2/29/2020
60k Likes = Release Date Reveal

Apply to become a tester. We currently have over 90 testers. The current max amount of testers is 150.

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