Use code "YUMMY" for a special power! 🍔 

Ragdoll Sim 2 is a comically awesome ragdoll physics game with a twist: In this game you can move as a ragdoll! 😲

- 🍬 Collect candies to get a limited edition pumpkin power and badge!
- 👻 Get the special Halloween Saber to turn your friends and foes into ghosts!
- โœจ The map has been revamped for Halloween!
- โš”๏ธ The PvP Duel Arena now shrinks!

- โš”๏ธ New PVP Arena! Duel with your friends and foes!
- โ˜ข๏ธ NUKE and more new shop items!
- 🏆 New Badges and Achievements to find!

   To Toggle Ragdoll: โš™๏ธ
     โ€ข [R] on computer 💻
     โ€ข [Ragdoll] button on mobile 📲
     โ€ข [X] on console 🎮

Please consider leaving a like if you enjoy. Thanks for playing! 👍

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