👉 Robloxos will no longer receive updates however it is still open for anyone to play. 👈

👋 Welcome to Robloxos, where you can collect your favourite Robloxians and use them in battle. 

🏅 Win against tough BattleLeaders and earn Badges as a reward!

🌌 Portals will lead you to a Worlds in the DigitalVerse where you'll find infested Viruses. Defeat these and gain great rewards!

❗ All updates will be shown on this thread:

⭐ Be sure to like, follow and favourite the game to support it's development!

✨ Joining the group listed in the social links will give you a special chat tag, yet also having Premium will give you a exclusive chat tag.

❓ Set your Graphics Quality to 4 or less to remove graphical effects.

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