🌴 Welcome to Pembroke Pines! 🌴  
This is a realistic driving / town-life simulator where you can drive around with a selection of 300+ different cars, trucks, and buses, role-play in dozens of houses and buildings, and hang out with friends.

➕ New Additions
      Private Server Admin!
      (Free for anybody who purchases a private server!)

➕ Recent Additions
      Criminal job with interactive robberies!
      Police CAD System!
      Increased server sizes to 40 players!
      PPPD Police Car Variations/Sounds/Lights!
      Car sounds fixed!
      New Police Station and Fire Department buildings!

❗ For updates or suggestions about the game, please visit our social media icons below.

⚠️ Lower end devices may encounter issues with performance. 
⚠️ All users are subject to administration action for unruly behavior, please note that exploiting is a perm ban. 


There are currently no running experiences.