Tower Battles is a strategical tower defense game. You must defend yourself and your team from waves of zombies longer than your opposing team. Play offensively by sending zombies, and also defensively by placing your customized towers.

I appreciate any feedback and different opinions on how to make the game better! Feel free to join the community through the server/group to easily voice your opinions/comments!

The thumbnail/icon renders are created by RavenIsntHere

Known Glitches:
- Party system glitchy

- Added Plasma Trooper Tower[2.4k creds]
- Golden Commando[8.5k creds], Golden Scout[3.5k creds] ON SALE
- Added free tower through my Twitter!
- New Map (Swamp Isles) by 02klord and Scrufus
- Zombie Animation Overhaul (lag reducing)
- Tower Rebalances
- For full detailed log visit the SERVER

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