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Building Help: ProvenSurperior, mdrobloxmaster
Blunderbuss Model: Blueflame950
XBOX controller shiftlock is DPad Down.

This is a game based on soul eater, in-which you may become a weapon, or a meister! Meisters are combat specialist that use weapons as their tools. You may perform an act called "resonance" as a weapon, to grant your Meister a 20% damage buff. 

Twin Guns, Scythe, Chain Scythe

WITCH RACES (Exclusive):

CONTROLS (Mouse and keyboard):
Left Click: Attack
X: Sprint
C: Block
L: Equip Weapon
Q:Ability 1
E: Ability 2
F: Ability 3
R: Ability 4
JUMP: Jump/ Double jump
Double tap key to dash. 

CONTROLS (XBOX controller):
R2: Click Attack
B: Ability 1
X: Ability 2
R1: Unequip weapon
Left One: Block
Y: Ability 3
Dpad Down: Ability 4
Left stick down: Sprint


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