Nullwork is a giant underground research facility located in Russia.
It looks like something went wrong here, and now you have to escape from this place. Look out for items and buttons, pick up every item it might be useful in the future! Almost everything in this game is randomized.

A Sequel to the Isolator.
In this game, we used the latest Roblox updates and tried our best to make the game look perfect. We did optimization for mobile and low-end devices, but this game still can be lagging for some devices.

Created by Nullxiety [Creator, Scripter], Cryoheat [Builder].
Credits to mrflimflam [Youtuber], jokerkid5898 [Voice Actor, Youtuber], ctcoolman373 [Voice Actor].

Game info:
👥 1-15 Players
🎮 Full Xbox Support
📲 Full Mobile & Tablet Support


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