🌠 Welcome to Boho Salon! 🌠 
🎀 Where the weaves start 🎀 

- We now have Pets!
- Old Building with a new style!
- Makeup is now added
- All Christmas logo was changed back to normal
- Styling yourself

Boho salon is a roleplay Salon game where you can dress up and show off your looks, or work here and embrace your fashion senses. To work at boho join our group and take the quiz for the department you want to work in. It’s that simple anyone can work at boho. 

What we offer: 
💇‍♀️ Hair Care 
💆‍♀️ Massage Treatment 
🧖‍♀️ Wash and Dry services
👶 Child Care 
💄 Makeovers 
👗 New Styles 

Builders: Builder_Boy and Lalakiela, Auranie
Scripters: Olicai 
Makeup: Mugalo

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