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🌀 New Dimension Map!
❤️ New favoriting items feature!
⚙️ New Shuffle Favorites setting! You can now shuffle between favorited items only!
👁️ New Spectate Indicator! You can see exactly how many people are spectating you!
🤝 Tiebreakers are a lot more accurate now!
🔨 Huge Performance optimizations across all maps!
💰 2 New Featured Packs - ⚫️ Stealth Pack & 🐣 Chick Pack
🥇 2 New Badges - Dimension Win & Secret #4
🏆 2 New Leaderboards - Dimension Wins & Dimension Speedrun
⚙️ Quality of life changes and fixes!

⛳ Welcome to Super Golf! Play against others on a variety of exciting courses, unlock cool rewards, customize your ball, and compete to be the best player!

🏆 2020 Mobile Game of the Year!

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