Credit to: jamiektopping, MadeInChina14232, Elusitivity, JDM_Pixel, RicoRBLX, MoparSRTHellcat, Styphyx, and Dau113 for the cars.

Elusitivity and ma_stertiago own the broadway brand!

tu_ix owns the Tulls brand!

Credit to goli7127 for the 3 New Buildings!

Welcome to Lakewood! Here you can drive, explore, roleplay, or even play with friends! 

Cars are either imported, or self-built. If you encounter bugs, please report them through our social links. The game may not run on low-end hardware in its current state.

If you enjoyed the game, make sure to leave a like, as it recommends our game to more players like you. This game was inspired by many town and city roleplay games like Greenville, Wisconsin, and Pacifico.

Game developed by Colorado Studios, stolen game assets are a violation of Roblox's Terms of Service and will be dealt with accordingly.

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