This game will be renamed Tetragon Fortress on February 20th!

[Shutdown means update!] A faithful fan made recreation of everyone's favorite class based action game! Step into the action as one of nine unique roles and face the ultimate test: defeat the other team (I heard they hate kittens!)

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Acknowledgements: Team Fortress 2 and the Team Fortress 2 Logo are trademarks of the Valve corporation which has no association with this project. This is a fan game.

Clothing is made by VendettaTheGreat.

Changelog 2019.1.22
 - Buffed Scoobis
 - Fixed team specific doors on pl_TeaTime
 - Reduced spawner size for first blue spawn in pl_TeaTime
Changelog 2019.1.21
 - Added name change notice to team select
 - Added Weapon Blackbox
 - Added map pl_TeaTime
 - Changed stickybomb model to lower poly

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