Wind magic Awakening Form has just been released, check it out if you have it.

Press "T" to use Awakening Form.


New code in 15K Likes

Still in development phase, please expect:

A game inspired by the anime Black Clover, strive to be the strongest in this world and enjoy!

In a world where people are born with magic, will you become a Magic Knight and protect the world, or will you become a villain and destroy it?

Buy the game now to get x2 EXP upon game release.

Left Ctrl to run.
Click to Punch.
{E,R,F,G,V} - Skills button

Common Magic:
Copper Magic, Regen Magic, Strength Magic, Weakening Magic, Ash Magic

Uncommon Magic:
Earth Magic, Fire Magic, Ice Magic, Steel Magic, Water Magic

Exploiting is not allowed, please consider the fact that you will be banned when you use any exploits in the game!

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This game does not support VIP Servers.


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